A teaching hospital, or academic medical centre, offers a higher level of coordinated care, from routine medical issues to the most complex diseases, minor and major injuries as, well as, the whole range of disorders.
A teaching hospital, or academic medical centre, operates differently from a community hospital.
An academic medical centre provides:

Healthcare for patients and the community; for everyday health issues and also the most specialised and advanced services for complex illnesses.
Unique health care; not available at all other hospitals
Education and teaching to health care professionals for the future, assuring the health and well-being of patients and the community for years to come.
The development of new and better ways to take care of patients. Through developing new technologies and outcomes-based research they find modern ways to treat illness.
Innovative diagnostic finds and treatment technologies are used to diagnose and treat patients.
A Patient and family-centred team approach. Teams of Physicians, nurses and other professionals work together with you and your family to develop an individualized plan of care.
Newly discovered treatments and technologies are tested and used sooner at a teaching hospital.
Teaching hospitals offer the widest range of speciality services and expertise. Other physicians and other hospitals refer patients to teaching hospitals. They might also transfer patients to teaching hospitals because of their specialized capabilities.
Choose a teaching hospital for the most knowledgeable learner environment. You can be part of, and learn from, each of these provided services, serving and healing the community’s ill, and providing them with health services.