Luxury and Amazing Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Rose Gold

The Rainbow Daytona replica Rolex watch was first launched back in 2012 in both white and yellow gold. It was manufactured in VERY limited quantities, hit cult status quickly and has almost tripled in value since then. This year the fake Rolex shocked us all by dropping the rose version, and it is spectacular in the metal. The replica watch is very similar to the two previous versions, but the case and bracelet are a new metal and there are distinguished indexes at the hours, which despite not seeming like a lot, has a huge effect. 
The official name of this watch is not actually “Rainbow Daytona” – this is just what it has been so affectionately dubbed over the past six years. It is officially famous as the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona model, a precious metal chronograph with a sapphire- and diamond-set case.
The Ever-rose gold really brings out the colors on the bezel. I suppose there is something about that pink hue that really amplifies everything, making the rainbow bezel more vibrant – which, let’s get real, is really what this fake watch needed.
The amazing part of this replica rolex watch is that it is so Rolex. It’s your standard Daytona, a traditional chronograph (a tool watch), decked out in perfectly matched, hand-cut, hand-set sapphires sourced from particular suppliers. In case you weren’t aware, Rolex has nearly 20 in-house gem-setters and they only use stones of IF quality, meaning they have no inclusions, no flaws, no nothing. Basically, every stone and every setting is perfect since the Rolex will settle for nothing less.
But it’s not what is new about this watch that makes it so unique, but rather the overall impression of the watch itself. I don’t know why, my general tastes tend to be very traditional and classic, but something about the sheer unnecessary nature of this watch is what really gets me. But for every part of me that loves this watch for purely aesthetic reasons, there are equal parts of me that are impressed by the manufacturing of this piece.
On the wrist, this watch is every bit as magical as you could imagine. It wears like a Daytona (obviously) and looks like Liberace – and I couldn’t love it more. I picture wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt in the summer time, sipping rosé on the beach somewhere fabulous. But everyone is allowed to have their own Rainbow Daytona fantasies, so have at it.
I thought this fake watch does not fit everybody. While, it’s not for most people! But I love it for exactly what it is: unadulterated luxury. It’s not about practicality or functionality. This replica watch is about fun, and isn’t that what watches should be all about? And before you go on to say I am in addiction to Rolex, I will tell you this – if Rolex is King, I am just a humble subject.