Ladies Yachtmaster Replica Rolex for Summer Season

Summer is coming, which means you need a replica watch that can transition from work to the high seas and beach seamlessly. As far as we are concerned, there’s really no other fake watch for this than the Ladies Yachtmaster. With its gorgeous face and handsome, durable frame, this popular replica rolex watch is going to sit pretty on your wrist when you enjoy the sun and the beach.
You’ll turn heads this summer sporting this 29mm 18k yellow gold and stainless Yachtmaster 169623 with an Automatic 2235 movement. Nicknamed the ‘Yellow Rolesor,’ this fake watch features a luminescent white dial and stunning black and gold hour markers with Mercedes hands. The two-tone look is both dressy and relaxed, meaning it’s going to transition seamlessly from work attire to airy beachwear.
With a Yachtmaster, it’s all about the details. You already know this fake watch is going to fare the seas well, this model sporting an Oyster Case with waterproof screw-down crown. You should also take a better look at the dial to admire the bold red font that reads Yacht-Master, adding a bit of sporty flare back into this elegant timepiece.
The appearance of this Ladies Rolex Yachtmaster is undeniably cool for the heat of summer. Crafted from Rolex’s patented Rolesium, which is blend of 904L stainless steel and 950 Platinum, this watch not only looks amazing but is crafted with the highest-quality metals on the market. In keeping with the sporty but clean look, they’ve also used platinum on the dial which is offset by white hour markers and black Mercedes hands that pop. If you look close, you’ll also notice they’ve added a red second hand that matches the red Yacht-Master inscription above the 6 o’clock marker.
As you can see, these replica watches are really going to pull its weight this summer as you transition from the sea to the pool to the beach. This Oyster Case will withstand depths of 330 feet, and the matching oyster bracelet with Oysterlock clasp is going to stay secure and protect on your watch, even during the roughest seas.
While this is the same model as the two-toned we featured at the top, this mid-sized watch with 904L stainless and 18k gold is an eye-catcher all its own. The face of this watch is also that charming Slate color with luminescent white and gold hour markers and Mercedes hands that just pop.
We should also note the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a waterproof screw-down crown for resistance to depths of up to 330 feet that make this watch so durable. There’s also the signature rotating timing bezel that’s a feature on all the Yachtmasters, permitting you to sync with Regatta start times or measure how far you’re going while sailing. You won’t want to take this watch off after the beach or the sea with all its beauty and functionality,