The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Teaching Hospital for Treatment

There are pros and cons when you choose a doctor affiliated with a teaching hospital or academic medical centre.
The Pros:
Doctors earn a salary; Most doctors that have their own practice, and even doctors affiliated with nonteaching hospitals, are dependent on reimbursement from medical insurance, and on how many patients they see and what kind of tests and procedures they offer. Doctors working at a teaching hospital, usually, get paid a salary. This means their reimbursement does not depend on how many patients they can see. It is, therefore, easier to take more time with patients that possibly need more time for diagnoses or treatment.

Research and Clinical Trials; Many professional working at academic hospitals often have an interest in research and might run clinical trials. A Clinical trial can include many things and also research on the influence of medications on a certain illness. The result of such trials can offer new outcomes for health care. If you have a rare disease or undiagnosed symptoms, doctors at a teaching hospital might be able to afford the time to research answers for you.
Access to Treatments; sometimes you will find treatments available at academic medical facilities that might not be available through private practices. The way licensing of medicines and procedures work are different for teaching hospitals as for private practices.
Academic Centres of Excellence; an Academic hospital or facility often build centres where they focus on certain diseases or conditions. They can have, for instance, stroke centres, heart centres, cancer centres, child oriented centres, and much more. Doctors and support staff will be grouped together to form focused teams for these speciality centres.

Academic Departments; being an academic medical centre, they often offer services related to academics. For example, there might be an ethics department that can be able to help patients and families to work through and make difficult decisions. These departments won’t be found in other hospitals.
The cons:
The cons of a teaching hospital may just lie in the fact that there are new doctors, students, at work. They are always with resident doctors but might not be as good with their techniques as yet.
If you have modesty issues, you may find that you do not have much control over who takes care of you. All the students need to do their rounds, etc.
The implication also is that you should not be admitted to a teaching hospital during the intake of the newest doctors. They will be just starting out with a lot to learn.
Taking the pros and cons into consideration you can make your decision on going to an academic hospital facility or not.…

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