Reviewing the IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire

IWC Pilot

IWC has introduced a new squadron of Spitfires in its Pilot’s Watches collection debuting in 2019. For the first time, the Pilot’s replica Watch Automatic Spitfire features a self-winding movement from the new 32000 series manufacture movement in its case. We tested one of the first available pieces from the WatchTime archives, with original photos by Olaf Köster.
The name “Spitfire” first appeared at the turn of the millennium as a limited series of 1,000 fake Rolex watches, and in 2003, IWC began producing a series of pilot’s watches named after the legendary aircraft. With its pale dial, it was considered a “more elegant Mark”, but it was somehow overshadowed by the 14th incarnation of the classic pilot’s watch, which was named the Mark XV. A decade later, the old Spitfire – now a large pilot’s watch with a perpetual calendar and a dark dial – approached the classic Mark but disappeared inconspicuously under the wearer’s shirt cuff as an elegant three-hand watch with a pale dial. After the almost indistinguishable Mark XVIII of 2016 and the large pilot’s watch Spitfire of the same year, the symbiosis of the two seems almost logical, while the Mark quietly departs. The Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII can still be found in IWC’s digital catalog, but only as of the “Le Petit Prince” version.
The 79320 movements (based on the ETA Valjoux 7750) are now ticking inside Le Petit Prince for $5,250. The new Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire is equipped with the newly manufactured caliber 32110. IWC is offering two versions: the one we tested with a stainless steel case, black dial, and green fabric strap for $4,350, and another version with a bronze case, green dial, and dark brown calfskin strap for $4,900. These are not only the basic models of the Spitfire collection but also embody entry-level timepieces that lead to the world of IWC manufacture
In short, the watchmakers at Schaffhausen have put a modern movement fit for everyday use into a timeless replica Rolex watch, while making unobtrusive changes. As if the Spitfire had never existed in its original format, this new offering ably continues Mark’s legacy. It’s a pretty cool movie, and it certainly has something to do with the carefully restored Spitfire’s round-the-world flight from London in early August 2019, which IWC is supporting. The aircraft, built in 1943, flew more than 43,000 kilometers (26,719 miles) in a few months, visiting some 30 countries on the way. The green textile strap lined with leather seems to refer to the adventure of this round-the-world flight. The strap is inspired by the color code of vintage fighter planes and keeps the watch close to the wearer’s wrist – reliable, stylish, and maverick.

Popular Trends and Common Themes of Watches and Wonders Geneva


Some brands produce sports watches, others luxury jewelry watches, some belong to the category of affordable luxury, while others are among the most expensive modern timepieces. However, despite the differences between the exhibiting brands, some common trends can indeed be seen in the new watches launched at this year’s Watches and Wonders show.
Perhaps the most obvious trend at Watches and Wonders is the widespread use of green. Historically, green has been one of the more adventurous color choices on watches, with most brands usually opting for something blue in order to add a slightly more adventurous color option to their lineup. However, just as we saw countless replica watches with blue dials last year, this seems to be the year of the green dial, with a significant number of participating brands have decided to include the color somewhere in their new releases.
Perhaps the most notable new release featuring green is the Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711 is the Patek Philippe Nautilus, a watch that is making a triumphant comeback. While the recently discontinued model featured a blue dial, the new model comes with a striking olive green dial. Rumor has it that Patek Philippe will only produce this version of the Nautilus for about a year, as a celebration of the brand’s fan-favorite Reference 5711, which it announced plans to discontinue prior to fake Watches & Wonders.
With that in mind, Patek Philippe is not the only brand to incorporate the green dial trend, as many other well-known manufacturers have also chosen to use green for their new offerings this year. Chief among them is TUDOR, which has decided to showcase green on its Black Bay Fifty-Eight model in solid gold.
Green is not usually seen on Tudor replica watches, as it is the corporate color of its famous sister company Rolex. However, the brand is clearly confident enough in this slightly unconventional hue to adopt it (by a wide margin) on the most expensive watch in its current collection. Crafted in solid yellow gold and featuring a green dial and matching green bezel, the new Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18k is the best of the new additions to the Tudor collection.

A guide to the greatest men’s watches

So far, we have launched watches that offer superior service on land (Tudor and Breitling), at sea (Panerai), in the air (Oris) and even in space (Omega). However, if you want a watch that is easy to wear under any circumstances and has enough life to last into the next generation, the Rolex replica is your watch of choice.  
When it was introduced in 1945, it was the first self-winding waterproof wristwatch with a date feature. Its aesthetics have changed little over the past few years, but its movement and materials remain at the forefront of what is possible. Today’s date offers five different sizes and enough varieties of metal, bezel type, dial color, and bracelet style to appeal to anyone’s taste. Its basic structure may be simple, but the different connotations it contains make it one of the most versatile men’s luxury watches on the market.
For many of the brand’s fans, replica rolex Datejust is absolutely at the heart of Rolex, even more so than other big names like submariner, gmt-master or daytona. Perhaps the most successful all-round athlete of all time, it can be low-key, it can be unreserved grandstanding, it can be anything in between. Perfect for the classic look and modern technology, the Rolex Datejust may be the only watch you need.
Buying Guide for Vintage Rolex Stainless Steel
Although both the CAL 1520 and the CAL 1530 are designed differently from lots of other Rolex fake watches, in that they feature bar regulators and flat hair spring rather than the coil between Breguet and the Micro Stella system, the real difference between calix 1520 and 1530 is comparatively small. Both movements promise the same timing specifications, with the main difference being the amount of jewellery used in each movement — mainly to reduce import and export duties. Only 17 pieces of jewelry were sold to models in the United States, compared with 25 and 26 pieces for replica watches in other parts of the world.
The puzzling part begins with the overlap between the Ref.5500 air-King and the Oyster Perpetual and Explorer. For a while, all three used the same case and movement (although the Oyster Perpetual version comes with an chronometer at the 1530). Thus the search for the Ref. 5500 Rolex will appear on the dial with any of these three names. Moreover, to make things more complicated, the Ref. 550X series appeared almost at the same time — ref. 5504(36mm steel model), ref. 5501(two-color) and ref. 5502(gold-plated). The good news is that the Ref. 5500 is not only the cheapest Rolex AIR-King reference, but it is also one of the cheapest vintage Rolex replica watches ever made, making it an ideal gateway into brand ownership.

Fresh look of Tudor Black Bay 41 Blue

Now, you may be shocked to learn that not everyone wants a watch with a frame, timer, and other features to complicate the issue. Some people just want a good watch that tells the time. It’s as simple as that. 
If that’s something that resonates with you, the Tudor Black Bay 41 is a watch you should absolutely look into. Introduced several years ago as a 36mm case with a black dial, the collection has since grown to include 32 and 41mm versions, and most recently blue dial options. Today we’re taking a look at the BB 41, with a blue dial.
Before we get to the major talking point – the new dial – it’s worth recapping the numerous charms of the 41. While the case strongly references the ‘other’ Black Bays – those tall, straight sides, the ‘big’ crown and proud, beveled lugs – the most notable difference is the bezel. Gone is the tool-like unidirectional dive bezel of the diver, the 24-hour scale of the GMT or the tachymeter of the Chrono. Instead, there’s a fixed bezel in polished steel. On the surface, this is a small change, but it fundamentally changes the look and feel of the replica watch. It’s still utilitarian, but in a very humble, everyday way. The watch will go unnoticed in most cases — which I personally think is a good thing.
Don’t make the mistake of being understated and understated equals dull.The dial of this watch proves that it is not at all. Decked out with the same bold pattern of highly luminous dot-and-dash hour makers, as well as those snowflake-tipped hour and seconds hands, the dial has that bold Black Bay look. It’s also, due to the lack of busy bezel, a simpler, cleaner look, something accentuated by the minimal dial text. But for me it’s the dial color and texture that seals the deal.
Blue dials are hardly anything new, but the way Tudor has treated this one is wonderful. Firstly, it’s a very charming blue: rich and dark, but not navy – for me it’s the colour of cobalt, with the occasional flash of ultramarine when the light hits it just right. Speaking of light, the finish of the dial really adds to its charm.This is a shiny dial, meaning it is full of vibrant, reflected and refracted light.
This blue-dialed Tudor Black Bay 41 is a well-designed, well-made watch that is happy to make a name for itself on its merits. Its job is simple — it tells the time, and only the time. It is a work fake watch that has achieved an unperturbed, largely restrained style

Justin Bieber and his Vintage Gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

What gift would you give someone about to get married? The watch seemed an appropriate gift. What if that person is a big star? Ok, very good fake watch. What if it’s your own gossip column-style wedding? So astrologically, the sky is the limit.
Of course, it’s not just a theoretical exercise and Justin Bieber did it recently to celebrate his marriage to Canadian star Hailey Baldwin. While that doesn’t explain all the lifestyle choices he’s made, this time, Bieber showed exquisite taste in his choice of watch: a vintage replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. He has since been photographed wearing an 18k gold “Jumbo” ref. 5402BA from the early 1980s.
According to GQ, Bieber bought the replica watch from Beverly Hills jeweler Jadelle, which caters to the L.A. celebrity crowd, and whose other clients include Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Floyd Mayweather. We’re supposing that he got a discount – not that he really needs one – since he’s featured on their Instagram; however, all the appointment-only boutique would tell the magazine about the AP is that it’s “a vintage and valuable watch.”  
Of course, diamonds are their specialty, and previous watches they’ve sold include some iced-out Patek Philippe cheap replica watches that are about 1,000 percent less subtle than Bieber’s AP, which has no diamonds on it all. However, Justin, if you’re reading this, for god’s sake don’t destroy Gerald Genta’s masterpiece with any sparklers.
Bieber’s 39mm watch is decorated with an in-house Audemars Piguet Caliber 2121 self-winding automatic movement, together with the signature Royal Oak Grande Tapisserie dial in grey; however, his AP is an amazing model, giving it additional cred. GQ notes in the article that the watch came with its original paperwork, which at least hints that Bieber might be making a foray into serious best replica watch collecting.

Panerai California Dials and the Rolex Connection

Although fake Rolex watches invented and registered the charming combination of Roman, Arabic, and when on the dial, I dare say the most closely associated with the California dial today is the popular Panerai. Rolex currently has no California dial in their current collection – you’ll have to look for vintage Rolex watches, while the fake Panerai offers several options. However, it’s worth noting that the 12-point luminous inverted triangle and the 6-point and 9-point baton index are now the standards for many Rolex sports watches, such as the submarine, the GMT Master II, and the Explorer II.  pane-077428_01

Panerai  has launched a handful of the best replica watches in recent years, which are all equipped with so-called “California dials.” Characterized by a mix of Roman numerals, Arabic numbers, and geometric shapes, this dial style was actually patented by Rolex in the early 1940s. Let’s discover more about the history of Panerai California dials and the Rolex connection.
In 1941, Rolex filed a patent for a very special dial design and was granted the patent on July 15, 1942. Of course, the patent document is written in French, but the first paragraph says that the patent was filed for the invention of a time dial with a time mark made up of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals. It goes on to say that the appendix contains four examples of dial-up inventions.
If you look at Fig.1 in the appendix, you will see that the top portion of the dial is home to Roman numerals while the bottom portion includes Arabic numerals. Accompanying these numerals are batons at 3, 6, and 9, together with the inverted triangle at 12 o’clock. The patent goes on to state that this special arrangement will give a clear view of the hours, will be easy to create with luminous materials, and will allow easy reading of the time – especially within wristwatch cases, where the dials are relatively small.
According to blogger and Rolex historian Jake Ehrlich, there are some theories out there as to why this dial design picked up the “California” nickname. The most common theory revolves around the Rolex Bubble Back craze of the 1980s when buyers were looking for pieces with this particular dial layout. It appears that dealers based in Los Angeles were selling significant quantities of them to satisfy the demand, further helped by a local dial refinisher named Kirk Rich, who produced numerous dials with this configuration. As a result, the “California Dial” name stuck.
Even though the Rolex replica never officially used the “California” moniker in reference to this style of dial, Panerai certainly has. The company frequently launched fake watches that are directly inspired by particular vintage models and equips them with what they officially call California dials. As some of you may already know, it was primarily Rolex that supplied watches to the replica Panerai in the mid-20th century with waterproof “Oyster” cushion-shaped cases and modified manual-would movements.

Best New Replica Omega Watches for 2019

As you might expect, Omega replica has launched a new line of watches at Swatch, the powerhouse of the Swatch Group. We received a total of 70 new watches in addition to two special antique fake watches.
Suffice to say there’s a lot to get through, and that will happen over the course of the year. But here’s my hot take on the best Omega watches for 2019:
We were expecting updates to last year’s hero, the Seamaster Diver 300M, and we were not disappointed. There’s a ceramic and titanium version, with a larger 43. 5mm case, no date, and hands in PVD-coated titanium. All of these specs are tweaked because the watch is designed to be more tool-like in appearance.
There was much expectation riding on this one, fuelled in no small part by the exceptional gold tribute launched earlier in the year. This steel 50th-anniversary piece is distinguished by Moonshine gold details, a tiny illustration at nine, a nifty solid case back, and a cool new take on the vintage bracelet.
The shock news in the Seamaster family though had to be the release of the chronograph version. Offered all the colors and case/strap variations as last year’s time-only Seamasters, these new Chronos pack a wallop, at 44mm across, with the Calibre 9900 inside, and amazing other touches like fully ceramic pushers that share the conical shape for the helium escape valve.
As for the chronographs of the replicas, we were also treated to the release of fan-favorite, the Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, now in new orange ceramic livery. The orange is a little more subtle than previously, because of the difficulties of working with ceramic, but it’s still a bold beauty on the wrist. It’s also a beast, 45. 5mm across and a mighty 260 grams on a bracelet.
I had the pleasure of seeing the unveiling of Tresor’s red enamel dial earlier this year. But when it came time to move, I was really drawn to the subtle beauty of this gold Sedna dial with its delicate, elegant gray enamel dial.
Toughest replica watches ever made
You have more than you need. I think the idea should be that Dave, a mild-natured accountant in a mid-level law firm, is suddenly asked to defuse the bomb and save the world, and we know Dave can count on his amazing watch.
Over the past few days, we’ve collected the several biggest, worst, most indestructible timepieces we can find, creating the world’s most ferocious horological gang ever. Like Dorff and Jesse VD, these guys were still the tough guys at the OG, but in the years that followed, a whole new generation of invincibles rose to the ranks. So cut the crap and meet the new generation.
The blue version of the mighty Pelagos made the last edition of this list, but we couldn’t resist including the newest addition to the family, as the LHD has a killer left hook. While structurally it’s as bulletproof as previous versions — owing to the titanium case, ceramic bezel, 500m water-resistance, and technical bracelet — the link to the historic French naval diver’s fake watches makes it even more hardcore.
Don’t be fooled by the bright colors. The Ploprof means business and this ’70s icon have long epitomized diving cred with its overwhelmingly utilitarian look. However, the latest version kicked that up a notch or four. Now it runs full titanium and ceramic hardware to protect the Master Chronometer-certified engine that beats away inside. Desk divers need not apply.
When it comes to odd-looking divers, Omega isn’t the only player on the field. With its robust kinetic movement, monolithic case, and protective shroud, the replica Seiko’s professional-grade diver, made in partnership with PADI, doesn’t pull any punches.
You would be excused for wondering if Breitling’s 50mm beast just looks tough at first glance because of the black and yellow color scheme, screaming ‘Hazard!’ Nope. Pick up the Avenger Hurricane and you’ll be impressed how light it is in the hand, thanks to the case’s innovative Breitlight material — a proprietary polymer that’s three times lighter than titanium and highly scratch and corrosion-resistant. If black-ops are your thing, this is your watch.
Most pilot’s replica watches haven’t been built to handle the stresses that come from being shot out of a moving fighter jet in 0. 8 of a second. This one has. fake Rolex watch developed the MBII in cooperation with ejector seat maker Martin-Baker, and last year added a white-dialed version. Cool as it is, it’s not quite a match for the MBI, which Bremont will only sell to people who have actually ejected from a plane using a Martin-Baker seat. Now that’s really a special club.

Replica rare Piaget Altiplano Meteorite Watch at SIHH 2019

replica watches

The new Piaget watch with Meteorite dial and ultra-thin rose-gold case, released at SIHH 2019,
was my favorite timepiece. Normally, the Altiplano makes modern luxury look easy, it’s very difficult to totally replica the the feeling of actually wearing an Altiplano for its many copycats.
When I worn it I felt feelings very well. Although one of the frustrating design of this particular version is that, a contrasting date aperture punched out of its semi-precious stone dial. Moreover, more baffling is this particular Altiplano is essentially a time-only reference that accommodates a date except running seconds. As far as I know, Piaget’s only current crop of Altiplano watches with a date are presented with a small seconds subdial.
Anyway, there are two meteorite dial available, one in gray, and one in a tonal rose gold to match its case surround. Generally speaking, the perfect canvas for semi-precious stones has always been the Piaget’s signature mid-century minimalist dial designs found on the Altiplano (or as it was once called the “Thin-Matic”), which is another long term brand signature. Stones like malachite, lapis, jade, ruby, and turquoise have all made repeated rounds for many years, as well as meteorite, most recently was appeared in 2017’s dead-sexy ‘Vintage Inspiration’ art piece, with its cool stepped-edge case.
What I prefer meteorite is that, it carries a obviously masculine glamour due to the semi-matte, fractal appearance, which gets its unique personality from the dispersion of iron crystals that intersect at chaotic right angles, forming the stone’s unique aesthetic when cross-sectioned. Additionally, you can’t ignore the stone’s mysterious extraterrestrial origins, making it fit the occasional space-watch tie-in perfectly, like 2010’s super-rare Omega Speedmaster Soyuz Apollo Edition, or the more recent Speedmaster Ceramic Grey Side of the Moon.
Like this new Altiplano, especially the newer ceramic variant with its combination of meteorite and Sedna gold, which are a perfect example of how an eye-catching masculine aesthetic can be achieved in a high-end product using precious materials, even in the super-traditional dressy watch trappings of the Ultra-Thin Altiplano. Furthermore, Piaget’s rose gold has a warmer, masculine bronze tone (contrary to many more “pink” rose gold hues) that has a perfect contrast with the steely fractured texture and shifting iridescence of the meteorite stone. The Meteorite Altiplano still gave off a sultry, modern undertone Even with a razor-thin 6. 5mm profile and its all-dial 40mm case diameter, which didn’t quite feel like it needed a monochromatic three-piece suit to be fully enjoyed. Actually, I personally believe this replica watch not just to be a stuffy black-tie accessory, but it could be the centerpiece worn under more casual pretenses: such as with a sporty, unstructured blazer, revealed under the rolled-up sleeves of a cashmere sweater, or even matched with a black denim jacket and leather boots for the truly daring, .
Most people has known that Piaget’s incredible prowess in the ultra-thin movement manufacturing realm, so there’s no any surprises to expect. The 1230P is an automatic-winding caliber with 44 hours of power reserve, and measures only 3mm-thick due to an off-centered micro-rotor. Although has that much-maligned date, this particular movement variant belongs to the 1200-series of movements, which were released in 2010 as a successor to the legendary 12P ultra-thin movement that more or less played a dominate role in the ultra-thin competitive landscape for the better part of the 20th century.
In the watch world, as the continuous require of meteoric watch matched with sport utility and business-casual, it’s an inevitable doom for the dress watch in the past. Since the meteorite is relatively rare, this new Altiplano will be limited to 300 pieces and priced at $24,600 when it lands in Piaget boutiques later this summer. If you want to know more about it and other novelties from SIHH 2019 please click here.

Big News of Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak vs. Royal Oak Offshore

While a popular watch brand sells so good on their hands, it is common for the company to make a spin-off of the great model. It’s a way to create a new version of the replica watch for a new audience without alienating the fans of the real model. Now we have two versions for sharing. 
The newer edition maintains plenty of the necessities of the first but it is distinguished enough – whether in size, materials or functionality – to warrant its own name and collection. Another example is the original Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and it’s younger but beefier brother, the Royal Oak Offshore. Let’s see the Royal Oak vs. Royal Oak Offshore to stress their origins stories, similarities, and differences.
The history of the Royal Oak watch is well documented. But in case you want a refresher, the Royal Oak fake watch was produced by prolific watch designer, Gerald Genta and released by Audemars Piguet in 1972. It was different from any watch on the market at the time. It had a large 39mm case, an octagonal bezel secured to the middle case via exposed screws, a hobnail textured dial, and a complete bracelet.
Unbeknownst to the designer and the brand at that time, the debut of the Royal Oak basically laid the foundation for the entire luxury sports watch genre. Some other manufactures would soon follow with their own expensive steel watches boasting non-traditional designs. Although there was some resistance to the fake watch at first, the Royal Oak finally became Audemars Piguet’s flagship timepiece. As a result, Audemars Piguet has made huge numbers of versions of the Royal Oak over the years in varying materials, sizes, colors, and complications.
While, the replica Audemars Piguet shook up the traditional watch world yet again with the introduction of the Royal Oak Offshore. Using the Royal Oak watch as the foundation, designer Emmanuel Gueit added his own spin to Genta’s original design to make the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph.
The maiden Royal Oak Offshore inflated the case size to a massive 42mm, placed a visible black gasket underneath the octagonal bezel, made the links on the integrated bracelet slightly curvier, and added black silicon caps on the chronograph pushers and winding crown. But just like its predecessor, the Royal Oak Offshore successfully carved out its space in the luxury watch landscape, and today it is a popular Audemars Piguet watch collection, independent of the original Royal Oak.
It is easy to spot the design traits shared between Royal Oak (RO) and the Royal Oak Offshore at first glance, they do after all have similar shapes. However, if you look at them side by side, it is clear that the ROO is bulkier in size and personality. In conclusion, the replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is the flamboyant version of the lower-key Royal Oak. Another shared theme between the pair is that both Audemars Piguet models overcame their rough begins to become cult classics.

Have you heard of Bell & Ross Cortina BR03-92 Diver Bronze ‘Demiurgus’?


A new limited-edition version of B&R’s precious dive models has been launched successfully by the cooperation of french luxury watch brand, Bell & Ross and Singapore’s well-known Rolex along with Patek Philippe retailer, Cortina Watch. For those who are fond of overseas journey, it is well worth recommending. With the limited 100 pieces only, the 42mm Bell & Ross Cortina BR03-92 Diver Bronze ‘Demiurgus’ is not a radical departure from the brand’s flight-instrument inspired timepiece, but it has been adapted to meet the requirements of scuba divers. Water-resistant to 300 meters / 1000 feet, the ‘Demiurgus’ celebrate the 15-year partnership between Bell & Ross and Cortina, an early adopter of their idiosyncratic watch brand founded in 1993. 
‘Demiurgus’ is the nickname to be given for this watch, indicating ‘creator of the universe’ in some belief systems, although this personage tends to be more of an artisan than arbitrary deity. The drab olive dial features gold-plated applique indices with Super-LumiNova inserts, while the case and bezel are fashioned from satin-polished CuSn8 bronze which is a patented alloy made of 92% copper and 8% tin. The unidirectional bezel has a 60-minute scale, and the watch is featured with Bell & Ross’s caliber BR-CAL.302 automatic movement. The aesthetic inspiration is a vintage bronze diving helmet, even if B&R have made it to fit their own design style smartly.
Due to the addition of tin in the bronze alloy, Swiss-made watches can gain more patina rather than the common bronze-aluminum variety that is used for most fake Rolex watches of this style. Panerai also adopted CuSn8 bronze for dive watches, which will show age and wear, taking on reddish-brown and grayish-green hues as time past, therefore it enhances the watch’s character, although the look is not fit for everyone well. The strap is made of weathered leather backed by black rubber, while the case back is engraved with the image of a vintage diving helmet and the specifications for this limited edition watch from Bell & Ross and Cortina. Are you shocked by these stunning limited timepieces?