Can anyone be Admitted and Treated at an Academic or Teaching Hospital?

Anyone can be admitted and treated at an academic medical or teaching hospital. Patients with certain profiles can benefit by choosing doctors that are affiliated with an academic medical facility.
Profiles that can benefit through choosing a Teaching hospital for medical care:
1. Medical Aid members: If you use a medical aid or a combination of medical aid and medical care you will find yourself welcome at academic-affiliated hospitals. Teaching hospitals are usually part of a group that will admit patients that cannot afford private medical insurance. This does not mean they do not admit other patients, they do.

2. When you have an unusual diagnosis or a rare disease: You might find extended help at an academic medical facility because the doctors affiliated with teaching hospitals are often those who are also involved with research. These doctors enjoy going beyond the normal to find solutions. There are, furthermore, student doctors who are learning everything they can about medicine. They too will go the extra mile, because they will benefit from the effort, too, through publishing the findings of the unusual diagnosis as good topics for study purposes.
3. If you cannot get a diagnosis: This will also make for an interesting study and research material. You may also find doctors and students giving extended help, because, again, they will benefit also through the research done and the conclusions found.

4. Children with difficult childhood diseases: Teaching hospitals often have children’s hospitals affiliated with them, where children might find the help they need.
5. Patients living in rural areas: Their regional, smaller, local hospitals are often affiliated with the larger academic hospital system. For example, a patient who suffered a stroke might be taken to the smaller community hospital, but the treatment will be overseen by a neurologist at the academic medical centre in the larger city.
If you think that your illness profile will benefit from treatments offered by an academic hospital, and if you think you will find the correct answers, contact your nearest teaching hospital to make an appointment.…

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