Best New Replica Omega Watches for 2019

As you might expect, Omega replica has launched a new line of watches at Swatch, the powerhouse of the Swatch Group. We received a total of 70 new watches in addition to two special antique fake watches.
Suffice to say there’s a lot to get through, and that will happen over the course of the year. But here’s my hot take on the best Omega watches for 2019:
We were expecting updates to last year’s hero, the Seamaster Diver 300M, and we were not disappointed. There’s a ceramic and titanium version, with a larger 43. 5mm case, no date, and hands in PVD-coated titanium. All of these specs are tweaked because the watch is designed to be more tool-like in appearance.
There was much expectation riding on this one, fuelled in no small part by the exceptional gold tribute launched earlier in the year. This steel 50th-anniversary piece is distinguished by Moonshine gold details, a tiny illustration at nine, a nifty solid case back, and a cool new take on the vintage bracelet.
The shock news in the Seamaster family though had to be the release of the chronograph version. Offered all the colors and case/strap variations as last year’s time-only Seamasters, these new Chronos pack a wallop, at 44mm across, with the Calibre 9900 inside, and amazing other touches like fully ceramic pushers that share the conical shape for the helium escape valve.
As for the chronographs of the replicas, we were also treated to the release of fan-favorite, the Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, now in new orange ceramic livery. The orange is a little more subtle than previously, because of the difficulties of working with ceramic, but it’s still a bold beauty on the wrist. It’s also a beast, 45. 5mm across and a mighty 260 grams on a bracelet.
I had the pleasure of seeing the unveiling of Tresor’s red enamel dial earlier this year. But when it came time to move, I was really drawn to the subtle beauty of this gold Sedna dial with its delicate, elegant gray enamel dial.
Toughest replica watches ever made
You have more than you need. I think the idea should be that Dave, a mild-natured accountant in a mid-level law firm, is suddenly asked to defuse the bomb and save the world, and we know Dave can count on his amazing watch.
Over the past few days, we’ve collected the several biggest, worst, most indestructible timepieces we can find, creating the world’s most ferocious horological gang ever. Like Dorff and Jesse VD, these guys were still the tough guys at the OG, but in the years that followed, a whole new generation of invincibles rose to the ranks. So cut the crap and meet the new generation.
The blue version of the mighty Pelagos made the last edition of this list, but we couldn’t resist including the newest addition to the family, as the LHD has a killer left hook. While structurally it’s as bulletproof as previous versions — owing to the titanium case, ceramic bezel, 500m water-resistance, and technical bracelet — the link to the historic French naval diver’s fake watches makes it even more hardcore.
Don’t be fooled by the bright colors. The Ploprof means business and this ’70s icon have long epitomized diving cred with its overwhelmingly utilitarian look. However, the latest version kicked that up a notch or four. Now it runs full titanium and ceramic hardware to protect the Master Chronometer-certified engine that beats away inside. Desk divers need not apply.
When it comes to odd-looking divers, Omega isn’t the only player on the field. With its robust kinetic movement, monolithic case, and protective shroud, the replica Seiko’s professional-grade diver, made in partnership with PADI, doesn’t pull any punches.
You would be excused for wondering if Breitling’s 50mm beast just looks tough at first glance because of the black and yellow color scheme, screaming ‘Hazard!’ Nope. Pick up the Avenger Hurricane and you’ll be impressed how light it is in the hand, thanks to the case’s innovative Breitlight material — a proprietary polymer that’s three times lighter than titanium and highly scratch and corrosion-resistant. If black-ops are your thing, this is your watch.
Most pilot’s replica watches haven’t been built to handle the stresses that come from being shot out of a moving fighter jet in 0. 8 of a second. This one has. fake Rolex watch developed the MBII in cooperation with ejector seat maker Martin-Baker, and last year added a white-dialed version. Cool as it is, it’s not quite a match for the MBI, which Bremont will only sell to people who have actually ejected from a plane using a Martin-Baker seat. Now that’s really a special club.