Best Mean Time Traveler’s Watch for Work and Play

The second Greenwich me zone can be displayed in a variety of ways, providing watchmakers with a wide range of options. A fake watch with a second time zone display can make it the center of attention and loudly announce that its owner is a world traveler. But the additional display can also be discreetly hidden, only appearing when the wearer commands it to. There is an intuitive and easy-to-read 12-hour dial, as well as a clear 24-hour scale and various unconventional displays. The target group plays an important role, as the second time zone can provide valuable services to different types of people.
The most famous representative of this type is certainly the Rolex GMT-Master, which was developed in 1955 in accordance with a list of requirements specified by Pan American World Airways. Only after the introduction of a new movement by Rolex in 1982, the position of the 12-hour hand could be reset in one-hour increments. The time in the third zone could also be displayed by rotating the bezel, corresponding to the 24-hour hand, but this meant that the time in the second zone could not be read until the bezel was returned to its original position. 
Arguably the most eye-catching and original version offered by Rolex replica is the model with the distinctive blue-red 24-hour scale. This colorful model, which its fans have nicknamed “Pepsi”, shows the time from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in red for daytime hours and blue for nighttime hours. In the past, this color scheme was used to quickly distinguish between day and night time. Rolex’s sister brand Tudor began using the same color scheme on the Black Bay GMT in 2018 and has floated with the retro wave, while Rolex has been building its classics for more than half a century with only minor visual modifications.
A low profile is also a feature of the second time zone on the new Leica L2, and it doesn’t have a second hand at all. Instead, you turn the second crown and rotate a 12-hour ring around the perimeter of the dial until the normal hour hand points to the correct time in the second time zone.
Those who prefer to fly to London or New York rather than the South Seas can also find the right second-time zone watch that won’t look gaudy when worn in a café or museum. The replica watches that tell the time in the second time zone are available in a wide variety of styles. There is a design for every occasion. Watch brands are constantly inventing new ways to display additional time zones, such as Leica’s recent surprise for watch lovers with its rotatable scale.