A teaching Hospital, or academic medical centre, is a hospital that works together with education programs and research centres, with medical and nursing schools to improve health care through research and learning. A teaching hospital provides clinical education and trains future health professionals.
Teaching hospitals work closely with potential medical students through their matriculation and during their internship years. These hospitals are often affiliated with medical schools and offer physician residency programs. Medical school graduates will receive training under the supervising (attending) physician to assist with the coordination of care. Many teaching hospitals also serve as research institutes.
The term ‘Medical Education’, includes the initial training to become a physician, (i.e. medical school and internship), and the additional training thereafter, for instance, residency and fellowship. Medical training and educations are different across the world. Various teaching and training methods have been utilised in medical education, which is still active in the research towards education.
Institutions caring for the sick existed from early in history. The first teaching hospital, where students learned through methodical practice on patients, under the supervision and authorisation of physicians, as part of their education, was reportedly the Academy of Gundishapur in the Persian Empire.