Best Investment Rolex GMT-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II is one of the most famous watches around the world and if you are fortunate enough to purchase one of the stainless steel models at retail you can make a quick profit immediately, but some of the best investment opportunities in 2021 GMT-Master watches are the older and discontinued models. In the case of the GMT-Master II models, some of the best values exist in the first two generations of watches, the ref. 16760 and ref. 16710. The ref. 16760 is the first generation of the GMT-Master II, but it sells for only slightly more than the similarly styled ref. 16710. With that in mind, both of these models are currently the most inexpensive replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches and offer the classic styling and case proportions that are becoming increasingly popular among today’s collectors.
Almost as affordable as the 5-digit series of GMT-Master II watches is the first of the 6-digit models, the ref. 116710LN. While it does not feature a split-color bezel, the ref. 116710LN is indeed the first replica Rolex stainless steel watch to feature a ceramic bezel, and the only time green has ever been seen on a Rolex stainless steel GMT watch. Given its unique appearance and important role in the context of the brand’s legendary pilot’s watch history, its price is unlikely to stay low forever.
For the casual observer, it is the classic two-tone Rolex Datejust that best represents the brand. the Datejust is Rolex’s best-selling watch ever, with the stainless steel and yellow gold 36mm model becoming an absolute icon at the height of its popularity in the 1980s. Arguably one of the most important watches ever made by Rolex, this classic two-tone Datejust 36 still commands shocking prices on the second-hand market relative to the brand’s other super-famous models.
Since it is a staple in the Rolex catalog, the classic two-tone fake Rolex Datejust with fluted bezel has been consistently available for years and can now be found in many different forms on the pre-owned market. This availability has historically helped keep prices down; however, with the value of all other Rolex watches increasing over the years, the classic two-tone Datejust has suddenly become an undervalued option for those looking for a pre-owned Rolex.
However, with open market prices several thousand dollars lower than the current version, the Datejust 36 reference 116233 stands for a relatively small cost increase over its predecessor’s five-figure counterpart and is a very attractive option for buyers in the pre-owned market.