Vintage Rolex Two-Tone Steel Gold Jubilee Bracelet

Eventually, most of the branding on the dial was eventually taken over by Rolex, and the watchmaker stamped the dial with the Tiffany logo at its factory in Geneva, Switzerland. For decades, Tiffany-branded fake Rolex watches could be sent to either company for service and repair, but in the early 1990s, Rolex decided to stop supplying co-branded watches with a warranty if the dial imprint was done at Tiffany & Co.’s factory. As a result, Tiffany & Co. stopped selling Rolex watches and the two companies have since parted ways.
As mentioned earlier, many of the watches with Tiffany dials were pre-printed by Rolex, although Tiffany & Co. did put its name on a number of Rolex dials. Since both replica Rolex and Tiffany & Co. were printing dials with the Tiffany name on them, various inconsistencies can be found in Tiffany branded dials, and these details can vary depending on when the dial was produced and which company did the printing.
To further complicate matters, because Tiffany & Co. did not have a single location for all of its dial printing, there is a wider range of inconsistencies among the various Tiffany dials that exist today. As a result, correctly identifying authentic pieces can be an extremely difficult task.
In addition, the dual signature Tiffany and Rolex dials are not unique to any one particular model. Since Tiffany is an official Rolex retailer, there are many different examples of the Rolex replica with Tiffany co-signed dials in most of the Rolex product line.
Due to the inconsistencies in the dial printing process and the resulting inconsistencies between dials Rolex Tiffany dials are among the most easily counterfeited dials in the vintage watch world Tiffany & Co. printed their name on watches from several different manufacturers, and since the font, color, spacing, and even placement of different dials vary, it takes a keen eye and knowledge of vintage watches to spot a counterfeit Tiffany dial understanding.