904L Rolex Deepsea Replica Watch Published by AR Factory

There is a great work in our market, which is a big fake Rolex watch, also the ultimate diving watch, and we nicknamed Deepsea king I think. Previous of this Rolex D-Blue 116660 are mainly produced by Noob and BP factory, Noob’s version is the best. But here I am going to introduce the one from another new rising factory, which is AR. Compared with Noob 116660, this luxury watch from AR factory has two big advantages which make it the most popular Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA D-Blue 116660 in the market, one is its 904L stainless steel material, the other is the real Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement it is decorated with. Let’s talk more details here.
Genuine Rolex DEEPSEA Sea-Dweller D-Blue is well-known for its gradient dial, which is blue/black. However, the gradient D-Blue dial rolex replica watch has the same tone as genuine, it looks very natural. Like the real models, inner bezel ring features black engravings of “ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE” and “RING LOCK SYSTEM”. The color transition from black to black is very natural. Dial color is ocean particularly it features the green word “DEEPSEA”. Other printings on the dial are in white. Hour markers and hands are filled with white luminescence, and they will give out strong blue light in the dark. There is silver edge for each hour marker and hand, which looks more three-dimensional, round markers have the same size and arc degree as genuine watch, a small date window is positioned at 3 o’clock, and date font is centered and has the same size and thickness as real one.
AR is the first factory to use 904L stainless steel on their fake Rolex, this time they also make the 116660 with 904L steel, compared with 316L used on most replica watches, 904L stainless steel does better in corrosion resistance. Case back is special, the edge uses tooth design, black engravings will never fade, the key point is its round part on the center is brushed, therefore, it gives us a cozy wearing feeling. AR factory shows the super drawing process on its 44mm case, case corner is polished round and smooth, you can feel no difference compared it with the originals.
As for the bezel, the black ceramic bezel features silver markers, which are in same tone as those bezel markers on genuine. Bezel diving markers are also engraved in a suitable depth, compared with other DEEPSEA D-Blue fake watches from some other small factories, and ARF really upgraded the bezel a lot. About the bezel pearl that is set on a big triangle mark, it looks plump but not very domed, so this is closer to genuine bezel pearl.
Eventually, the watch is decorated with a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement, and it is a real ETA, not a replica. But the price is still affordable. Different form the watch from Noob with an Asian ETA or Super Copy 3135.