The Mysterious Rolex Submariner Date Replica Watch


There was much mystery about this model when it was pulled out of a large green box during our appointment with a fake Rolex. Besides, to be honest, we were too caught up in the moment, too shinning by the diamonds, to take it all in at the time. 
It’s well-known as the Submariner Date fake watch, a variant on the white gold, blue-dialed ‘Smurf’, but while it might look like the stones are the only addition at the first glance, the dial is totally different. Not only is it darker, and has a sunray effect, but there’s a notable omission. Look closer. Have you spotted it yet? That’s right, there’s no depth rating. On a typical sub, there’s a line underneath the ‘Submariner’ text that says the watch is good to ‘1000ft = 300m’; not so here. And there’s also no specific mention of depth rating on the press release, though it does specify an Oyster case and Triplock crown. But it bears the Submariner name, so you’d expect it to be 300m, though it’s not made explicit, perhaps something to do with all those diamonds.
When it comes with the stones, the bezel is set, in Rolex’s typically exceptional fashion, with 27 dark blue baguette sapphires, 11 baguette-cut diamonds at the hour markers, and a triangle-cut diamond at 12 o’clock. And even though this isn’t your typical tool watch, the bezel functionality is still there; the first nine sapphires are light blue, representing the classic dive bezel graduated for decompression times. The case and crown guard are further set with 92 brilliant-cut diamonds. There are nearly 3.90 carats of sapphire and a total of 1.72 carats of diamonds on the 116659 SABR, all selected and set by the Rolex gemmology laboratory.
It’s fairly unusual to see a piece like this come from the Rolex replica, considering the tool watch nature of the Submariner. It’s exactly the juxtaposition of the highly jeweled and the professional watch that is the most important thing about this special — and very limited — production replica watch.

Luxury and Amazing Rolex Rainbow Daytona in Rose Gold


The Rainbow Daytona replica Rolex watch was first launched back in 2012 in both white and yellow gold. It was manufactured in VERY limited quantities, hit cult status quickly and has almost tripled in value since then. This year the fake Rolex shocked us all by dropping the rose version, and it is spectacular in the metal. The replica watch is very similar to the two previous versions, but the case and bracelet are a new metal and there are distinguished indexes at the hours, which despite not seeming like a lot, has a huge effect. 
The official name of this watch is not actually “Rainbow Daytona” – this is just what it has been so affectionately dubbed over the past six years. It is officially famous as the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona model, a precious metal chronograph with a sapphire- and diamond-set case.
The Ever-rose gold really brings out the colors on the bezel. I suppose there is something about that pink hue that really amplifies everything, making the rainbow bezel more vibrant – which, let’s get real, is really what this fake watch needed.
The amazing part of this replica rolex watch is that it is so Rolex. It’s your standard Daytona, a traditional chronograph (a tool watch), decked out in perfectly matched, hand-cut, hand-set sapphires sourced from particular suppliers. In case you weren’t aware, Rolex has nearly 20 in-house gem-setters and they only use stones of IF quality, meaning they have no inclusions, no flaws, no nothing. Basically, every stone and every setting is perfect since the Rolex will settle for nothing less.
But it’s not what is new about this watch that makes it so unique, but rather the overall impression of the watch itself. I don’t know why, my general tastes tend to be very traditional and classic, but something about the sheer unnecessary nature of this watch is what really gets me. But for every part of me that loves this watch for purely aesthetic reasons, there are equal parts of me that are impressed by the manufacturing of this piece.
On the wrist, this watch is every bit as magical as you could imagine. It wears like a Daytona (obviously) and looks like Liberace – and I couldn’t love it more. I picture wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt in the summer time, sipping rosé on the beach somewhere fabulous. But everyone is allowed to have their own Rainbow Daytona fantasies, so have at it.
I thought this fake watch does not fit everybody. While, it’s not for most people! But I love it for exactly what it is: unadulterated luxury. It’s not about practicality or functionality. This replica watch is about fun, and isn’t that what watches should be all about? And before you go on to say I am in addiction to Rolex, I will tell you this – if Rolex is King, I am just a humble subject.

The Breitling Chronomat Colt Automatic 41

breitling watches

The replica Breitling recently stated an update to their Chronomat Colt range in step with their ongoing brand refresh, which gives a new appearance in both 44mm and 41mm sizes. While the 41mm diameter is not new to the Colt line, it does represent something of a sweet spot in terms of sport watch size and the fake Breitling has included some new dial colors in this low-key.
Typically featured by a chunky steel bezel with the Breitling’s signature “rider tabs” for added grip, the Chronomat line has traditionally housed a wide and varying array of replica watches that all loosely fall into the “all purpose” category. Tough, burly, and often huge, the Breitling has seen fit to continue the Chronomat’s placement within their lineup, distinct from their newly defined Air/Water/Earth organization scheme. The Colt has traditionally been one of the entry-level models from the Breitling replica  and it has always blended a kind of military appeal with the basic philosophy of a dive watch. 
However, the format stays the same status, with a 41mm steel case sporting a wide steel bezel, chunky lugs, and the choice of either the Pilot steel bracelet or a black leather strap. The design is nicely utilitarian, with a simple, legible, and balanced dial, with long hands, and a pop of red on the arrowhead tip of the seconds-hand. Just as sport-ready as it looks, the Colt has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, screw down crown, a solid steel case-back, and 200 meters water resistance. With a fuss-free and nicely-executed date function at three, the Colt remains a very solid everyday sports watch.
Apart from the dial design, the most noteworthy aspect of this Colt refresh comes down to dial color. Now offered in either “Silver” (seen below, more of a matte creamy light-grey) or “Tempest Gray”, both versions of the Colt look really amazing. I especially like the unexpectedly modern feel of the matte Silver dial as it is surrounded by the brushed steel of the Colt’s bezel. While both dial options work well for the Colt design, the Tempest Gray dial is typical Breitling while the Silver dial is just a bit odd. 
While certainly heavy on the Pilot steel bracelet, being 41mm wide and 12.4mm thick, the Colt wears really well and I think it would be even better on a simple leather or canvas strap. The bezel action is smooth, and aided in grip by the rather baroque rider tabs. As for the size, the Colt has presence and heft, but not so much that it overpowers my seven-inch wrist. In spite of my preference for a light-toned dial, in either color I suppose the Colt is one of the replica Breitling’s well-rounded offerings and an attractive option for anyone wanting a tough everyday sports watch that isn’t particularly flashy.

Amazing Replica IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph

The IWC launched a replica watch in early 1990s that’s now considered a typical from the company’s post-Quartz Crisis period: the Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph, which was a chronograph watch, heavily modified by the replica IWC’s Richard Habring. The Double Chronograph was the essence of unadorned, functional watch-making – in a substantial, 42mm x 17mm steel case, with a soft iron antimagnetic inner case and a dial strictly oriented towards legibility, it epitomized the no-frills, form-follows-function philosophy that had featured the replica IWC’s approach to instrument watches for decades.
Walt Odets once slyly haracterized the Mark XII as “every non-pilot’s favorite pilot’s watch,” and you could probably say the same about the original Fliegerchronograph – but the key to the success of the originals was that, irrespective of their adoption by professionals, they seemed to really be pilot’s watches, rather than to be illustrations of pilot’s watches. As with many of the classic IWC models from this period in the company’s history over the years, though the basic design has undergone a plethora of changes and variations on the essential theme, the spare design of the original still stands out as the pilot’s chronograph from the replica IWC.
For instrument watch fans, the Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph and Pilot’s Chronograph/Flieger chronograph were a very big deal indeed, and they represented, along with the Mark XII, a kind of high water mark for functionally driven watch design – not just from IWC, but for the 1990s in general. Then, the fake IWC announced that an online-only re-issue of the original design – in a larger case, and with ecru lume – was out.
The replica watch looked very promising and indeed, in the metal, it’s an impressive watch, as well as being, for those of us who remember the debut of the originals in the ’90s, a pretty powerful reminder of a time when so many milestones in watch-making were yet to come and when the hobby was still very small scale.
It certainly feels very much like the original as well in many aspects. There’s the same take-it-or-leave-it chunky steel case, a virtually identical dial, the same date display as in the original, and the same distribution of lume. The basic design remains as strong as ever – time and elapsed time information are delivered with all the unambiguous bluntness, which for an instrument watch is exactly as it should be.
I actually don’t have a very clear sense of what it would be like to have a straight re-issue of the original back. The identity of a watch is very context dependent and who knows if how I felt about the replica watch in 1995 would necessarily be what I’d feel in 2019; And being a little too backwards-looking has, historically, been occasionally problematic and sometimes nearly fatal for the European watch industry.

High Quality Oyster Quartz Datejust Rolex Watch

We have introduced so many Rolex watches with automatic movement. After all, the “Oyster Perpetual” label given to most of Rolex’s models refers to the waterproof Oyster case and the perpetual (automatic) movement. However, the Swiss watch-making giant was not immune to the so-called “Quartz Crisis” of the sixties, seventies and eighties. As a matter of fact, the replica Rolex most definitely jumped on the technology bandwagon. Let’s get a closer look at the vintage Oyster quartz Datejust Rolex watch and discuss why Rolex produced a handful of quartz watches.
While today many watch fans look at quartz watches with disdain, in the 1960s this technology was heralded as a significant innovation in the industry. Actually, 20 top Swiss watchmakers, including the likes of replica Patek Philippe, Omega, and Rolex, joined forces to establish Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH) consortium with the objective to create a Swiss quartz movement they could all use. The result was the Beta-21 quartz movement introduced in 1969. 
The Rolex produced this luxury model to house the new movement. However, it wasn’t long before Rolex decided that they could make an even better quartz caliber in-house and the company abandoned the CEH in 1972. After five years of intense research and development, Rolex finally unveiled a pair of manufacture quartz calibers: Caliber 5035 for the Oyster-quartz Datejust and the Caliber 5055 for the Oyster-quartz Day-Date. While the Oyster-quartz Day-Date replica watches were available in yellow and white gold, the Oyster-quartz Datejust collection provides a choice of full stainless steel, stainless steel with a white gold bezel, and two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel—like we see here.
Like all Oyster-quartz Datejust watches, the fake model features an outstanding angular case and an integrated bracelet. We’ve seen this familiar shape before, as it was the must-have silhouette of the 1970s, first introduced by Audemars Piguet with their groundbreaking Gerald Genta-designed Royal Oak sports watch.
Different from the other Oyster-quartz Datejust watches, however, the Rolex includes 18k yellow gold details. To begin with, there’s the fluted yellow gold bezel on top of the 36mm case along with the yellow gold winding crown. This is followed by two yellow gold links threading through the Jubilee-style integrated steel bracelet. We have to mention that while on paper the Oyster-quartz Datejust case measures 36mm, it wears larger thanks to its angular design. All this comes together for a great retro Rolesor Rolex fake watch that is oh-so seventies glam.
One of the first things you’ll notice if you wear a replica Rolex Oyster-quartz is how loud it ticks—particularly compared to its mechanical movement powered siblings. This is of course owing to the quartz caliber working away within the case.